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Our Features

Adelaides Cleanest

You can not beat All Care Concrete Services for their after job cleanup.

State Wide

For all your Concrete cutting and polishing projects anywhere in South Australia

Safety First

A safe work site is out highest priority.

Concrete Cutting

We can provide concrete cutting services when you want cutting done for plumbing, electrical cables, refridgeration pipes, extensions for houses, concrete slabs, footpaths and storm water grids.

Using state of the art equipment we can complete any job promptly, professionally and efficiently with very competitive rates

  • We have a range of petrol and diesel saws cutting to a depth of 10mm to 400mm, we can cover just about every job required
  • Using a catalectic converter for confined spaces, reducing carbon monoxide levels up to 95%
  • Our processes are dust free, ensuring you are not left with a mess and you can breathe easier
  • We take pride in the fact that we will clean up after the work is completed, taking the hassle and worry out of choosing the right company for the job

Hydraulic Cutting.. fume free and creates less noise than conventional cutting methods

Hydraulic Cutting can be done in and around other tradespeople and busy work environments with minimal distraction to other workers, creating as little interruption as possible.

Concrete Polishing

Durable, attractive and coste effective

Turning your concrete floor into a beautifully polished surface, that is easily maintained and rock hard. Retail, industial and domestic applictaions.

Concrete Coring

When you need to place a core hole for plumbing and electrical cables in concrete walls and multistorey building floors, All Care can totally look after your needs.

  • Drilling from 16mm to 400mm diameter holes, to 2500mm deep
  • We use a dust free process, reducing mess
  • We provide a JSA and also spotters ensuring the safety of anyone on site

Bitumen Cutting

A professional looking bitumen carpark needs to be finished and presented neat and professional. All Care can tidy up your job after the heavy machinery has finished.

  • We can trim up the bitumen edges
  • Cut bitumen for services to be installed
  • We can use a floor-saw or hand-saw process
  • We take pride in the fact that we will clean up after the work is completed, taking the hassle and worry out of choosing the right company for the job

Cutting Doorways and Windows

If you want to revovate or extend your home or business, All Care can assist you.

  • We cut new door holes and window spaces
  • Fit window and door lintels
  • We use a dust free process and clean up after the job for your peace of mind and satisfaction

Why All Care

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